Looking for bulk ingredients? Brand Vault is a bulk wholesaler and works with the leading manufacturers in the USA. 

CBD Bulk Ingredients

Our bulk CBD is sourced from only the most reputable US growers and manufacturers who implement rigorous quality control and testing processes. This ensures that critical attributes including taste, color, potency and purity are consistent and meet customer’s requirements for their finished CBD products.

Hemp derived CBD – No THC

None of our products contain any THC. We have 0.0% THC lab results for all of our bulk ingredients. This is essential to stay compliant with Federal regulations. Many manufacturers claim NO THC but there are actually only a few that are truley compliant.


Compliance in CBD farming and production is a federal requirement. As the CBD industry evolves, we believe it is necessary to work with only the compliant CBD manufacturers. That is why Brand Vault has spent years working with all the industry leaders and has a first knowledge to help guide you though this new and often confusing landscape. 

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