Brand Vault 360º has 20 years experience in developing consumer-packaged goods and will use this experience to guide you to create a successful CBD product. We can assist with brand development, sourcing of best in class CBD emulsions and blends, bottling, packaging, label design and everything needed to launch a world-class product.

CBD Private Label Development Process


The Brand Vault 360 team will work with you to create an exclusive product to your specifications for your company. Custom formulations allow for the use of specific or trending ingredients that target a niche. We will act as your in-house product development team and ensure that your custom formulated product is valuable for your customers and profitable for your customers


Packaging not only contains and protects your product but also plays a key marketing role. As opposed to using generic or standardized packaging we will help you access unique packaging for your products. This will differentiate your products and make the stand out from others in the category. Differentiated packaging intrigues customers, enticing them to find out more and then, ideally, make a purchase.  

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