Design Studio

Free Design Consultation

Our full service Design Studio will work with you to generate or rework your product depending on where you are in the development process. The team will be able to rebrand or build your product taking advantage of packaging innovations as well as relationships with cutting edge suppliers around the world.  

The Design Process


If you only have an idea, our team of design experts will work with you to bring it to fruition. Our in-house graphic design team has vast experience with consumer packaging and licensing style guides for brands like Starbucks, Disney, Sanrio, The Cheesecake Factory, Hasbro, Mattel, Skinnygirl and many more.


If you have a product we will review it and provide an analysis considering the implications of the product packaging in light of the market and any existing competition. We will ensure that your product packaging is functional, cost effective and has aesthetic impact. 


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