CBD Start Up Program

If you are looking to start a CBD business of any kind then our CBD Acceleration and Start Up Program services will provide all the guidance you need. We can assist with developing your brand, selecting a profitable product range, sourcing raw materials as well as advertising and marketing your CBD business

Brand Bootcamp

We have developed a program to teach you how to best survive the valley of death!! This is the period when a new business faces its biggest challenges to keep the doors open and reach BUSINESS SUCCESS.

In the Brand Bootcamp, we focus on the essential business elements to save you money which is the most crucial way to succeed. Most new businesses don’t think about these things because they don’t know about them or understand their importance. We ask:

  • Do you understand your value chain?

  • Do you understand financials?

  • What are the real costs of doing business?

  • Is your company set up correctly to raise capital?

  • Do you want to succeed?

  • Do you have a business mentor or business coach?


Do you need expert help raising money?

At Brand Vault 360 we will guide you through all of your options for capital raising, made simple and easy to understand. How to put your best foot forward with investors, run a successful process, and ensure a high-value outcome. We pride ourselves on getting to know the unique needs of our clients.

Our Brand Bootcamp gives you the tools to win.

We have devised the the most effective guidelines to help you create, launch, market and own a successful brand. These tools are easy to understand and implement and will help you to launch, survive and grow your brand. We will also give you honest feedback and input to support your brand and business growth.

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