Licensing can be great way to grow your business and market your product into new channels. In fact, licensing can be used as a key sales and marketing strategy. Putting a recognized brand name onto any product not only helps to drive sales but overall product and business awareness too. Licensing is a $270 billion industry in the USA and growing as it serves as a primary income driver and marketing staple.

We have extensive experience with character and brand licensing and can help you attain these extremely valuable properties and achieve optimal success with them.

Our strategic network includes world class licensing agencies who can help you navigate the process and prepare you to acquire a significant license for your product.

Our Design Studio is excellent with working with style guides and will work with you to align your product and packaging and prepare your pitch to the licensor.

What is Character licensing?

Character licensing is the use of famous characters to sell merchandise through one or more manufacturers, whereby companies purchase the license for the character to produce various products. In traditional character licensing, companies seek licenses after the success of the character in a comic, movie, or television shows like Disney, Marvel, Hello Kitty, Srat Wars & My little Ponies

What is Brand Licensing?

The brand license is a agreement that gives permission to a company to produce or market a product or service from the original owner of the Interlectual property. In essence, the company is renting the use of the product or service from the owner. The licensee will then produce, promote, and distribute the product or service and, in exchange, the licensor will get royalties from the sale.

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