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Start Up Services

Brand Engine 360 will guide you through the many stages of starting a new brand. We can ease you through the learning curve to avoid making beginner mistakes, very costly mistakes. Our founder has raised money for dozens of businesses in multiple categories, including several that he still owns and operates today. Business Plans


  • Business Decks
  • Financial Projections
  • Go to market checklist
  • Bill of Materials
  • Board representation

We can prepare you for fund raising with all the tools you need for a professional presentation to investors. Walk into these meetings confident and with a bullet proof pitch deck. We have raised tens of millions for our own projects and our clients.

We also can provide essential tools for helping to navigate important business decisions like:

  • Our easy to use financial projection templates,
  • Deal term sheets (to make accurate decisions on deals and extremely valuable trade insight.

Walmart & Sam’s Club Distribution

Brand Engine offers a full turnkey service to get your product on the shelves of Walmart and Sam’s Club.


Members of our team are not only highly experienced CPG experts but also Walmart and Sam’s Club company veterans. Their core focus is the vertical integration of brands into the Walmart and Sam’s Club eco-system. This includes brand and product differentiation and improving supply chain coordination.

We go beyond the typical broker approach by applying the experience and knowledge of the entire team to work with our clients to launch successful products and brands into Walmart and Sam’s Club.


Brand Engine 360 will provide sales and distribution support in the form of:

  • Sales Services: We provide customized representation of your product and company to negotiate with the buyers at Walmart and Sam’s Club.
  • Strategic Planning: Our team applies holistic thinking, decades of cross-category experience, and an understanding of the Walmart and Sam’s Club consumer behavior.
  • Preparing Presentations: We will compile all the required information and statistics and tailor the presentation to the prospective audience.
  • Packaging Enhancement: Drawing on our many years of retail and product experience our expert team will advise you on improvements that could vastly improve your products performance in the Walmart and Sam’s Club environment.
  • Pricing Structure: We will review your pricing structure against your competitors and current market trends.
  • Market Intelligence: The experience of the team will allow us to advise you on the most effective strategies and approaches for product development, marketing and management.
  • Merchandising: We will work closely with you to ensure that your product is displayed at store level to stimulate interest and entice purchases.

Brand Engine 360 will provide analytics and data processing support in the form of:

  • Retail Link: Retail Link is an online hub for the data, documentation, reports, and special applications that suppliers use to manage their business with Walmart. We will mange the requirements of this program for all products sold into Walmart stores.
  • 1WorldSynq: Global item management system required for loading all products to be sold within Walmart and Sam’s Club.
  • EDI: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the global standard for receiving orders and is a standardized message format, without the need for human intervention. EDI permits multiple companies – possibly in different countries – to exchange documents electronically. Data can be exchanged through serial links and peer-to-peer networks, though most exchanges currently rely on the Internet for connectivity.
  • IRI & Nielsen data: The acquisition and data analysis of crucial sales data allows our team to guide product development and marketing choices.

CBD Brand Development

As active participants in the CBD industry we have access to trusted resources and can streamline your entry into this new market. We have aligned with the largest CBD manufacturer in the world and are adept at navigating the legislative environment.


We provide turnkey solutions for the development of CBD products including: oils, tinctures, gel caps, cosmetics, lotions, candy and beverage. Our services in this area include:

  • Product development
  • Packaging design
  • Supplier knowledge and insight
  • Understanding of the complex legislative environment
  • Sales representation
  • Broker Network
  • Private label producers for chocolate and beverage

China Procurement

For 20 years our team has been sourcing and buying from China mainland in multiple categories including: toys, candy, general merchandise, stationary, gifting, packaging, fridges and manufacturing equipment. Currently our key focus is on packaging and point of sales materials for CPG brands, which includes:


If you are not sourcing from China you are losing 30 to 70% on your packaging costs. We have established long term relationships with reliable, expert suppliers and will ensure you avoid the pitfalls so often spoken about when dealing with China.


Licensing can be great way to grow your business and market your product into new channels. In fact, licensing can be used as a key sales and marketing strategy. Putting a recognized brand name onto any product not only helps to drive sales but overall product and business awareness too. Licensing is a $270 billion industry in the USA and growing as it serves as a primary income driver and marketing staple.


We have extensive experience with character and brand licensing and can help you attain these extremely valuable properties and achieve optimal success with them. Our strategic network includes world class licensing agencies who can help you navigate the process and prepare you to acquire a significant license for your product.

Our Design Studio is excellent with working with style guides and will work with you to align your product and packaging and prepare your pitch to the licensor.

We can also provide assistance with:

  • Sourcing the most suitable license to partner for your product
  • Negotiate License Deals
  • Stress Test concepts before entering into onerous licensing contracts

Off Price Selling

We have strong relationships with off-price, discount channels and the alternative trade enabling us to introduce new products into this lucrative market. We can help you create a pipeline of profitable accounts while building your brand in the more expensive channels of Mass, Grocery, Drug and Convenience.


We have vendor accounts with all of these channels and our sales team can sell you products into these stores


We’ve placed products at nearly every major retailer through our network of sales brokers and distributors. We are actively involved with our own products in many national chains and by capitalizing on these strategic partnerships we will be able to create opportunities and grow your brand.


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