Walmart & Sam’s Club Distribution


We go beyond the typical broker approach by applying the experience and knowledge of the entire team to work with our clients to launch successful products and brands into Walmart and Sam’s Club. Our extensive knowledge of the Walmart ecosystem helps us to understand the best possible approach when offering your brands to Walmart, Sams Club and

Analytics & Data Processing

Retail Link is an online hub for the data, documentation, reports, and special applications that suppliers use to manage their business with Walmart. We will mange the requirements of this program for all products sold into Walmart stores. Dashboards that include real-time analysis of your entire Walmart business including sales, shipping, inventory, receivables will be provided regularly. Our dashboards will allow you to fully understand your business, monitor trends and take action to grow and save money.

Strategic Product Representation

We provide customized representation of your product and company to negotiate with the buyers at Walmart and Sam’s Club. Our team applies holistic thinking, decades of cross-category experience, and an understanding of the Walmart and Sam’s Club consumer behavior. Utilizing IRI data as well as studying product category trends we help to transform your ideas into viable business concepts. We will compile all the required information and statistics and tailor your presentation to the Walmart buyers.

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